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   While mesh has evolved over the decades to offer more feel, stand up to inclement weather, and became lighter; one thing manufacturers haven't been able to solve is the need to re-string sticks seasonally. As former players, we understand all too well the necessity of "stick maintenance" and the effect that this can have on your play.
   As a pocket "bags out" it begins to have to an inconsistent release, which quickly leads to players altering throwing mechanics to compensate for the mesh's deficiency, and player frustration resulting from missing passes or shots. Broken sidewalls, and ripped diamonds leave you unnecessarily vulnerable to stress, distraction, or even take you out of drills or warmups looking for ways to fix your "twig".
    Please reach out directly to Coach Nate at 503-686-5164 for more information!


PRICING: $20-$65 


How Often Should I re-string my stick?

Players will go through mesh at a somewhat different rate depending on their level, frequency of playing, how many sticks they have in rotation, and the climate they play in. To ensure quality performance from your head/mesh, and to minimize the chances of string failures, we suggest getting your stick re-strung at least once a year at the start of the Spring season, and once before Summer or Fall seasons.

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