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RED Komodo X

-35 mm T2.2

-50mm f1.2




-24-70 G Master F2.8

-70-200mm GMII

406 Lacrosse Filming Services

406 Lacrosse exists to help our players grow their games, and maximize their opportunities at the collegiate level. That is why we have invested in the Veo sports camera system. We wanted to provide our 406 Elite players with access to every advantage they could get when being recruited. That doesn't mean we can't do the same for your player, or program. Should you wish to get film of your player on the field, or you believe your organization could benefit from high quality game film, please reach out to Our Veo camera is portable, easy to set up, and films at the highest quality available in the industry. In addition, our 23 ft tripod, complete with support straps and sandbags to anchor down in adverse conditions, provides professional level perspective, image quality, and stability. Reach out today to inquire about our availability to help provide your athlete the best opportunity at getting recruited.

  • 2 hr

    Location dependent
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